Autistic Wales is a division of UK Autistic.

All Autistic Wales services are FREE and always will be. At Autistic Wales, we work commercially to achieve our social goals.

We work extremely hard to raise our own funds, with no support from the Government or any other trust or funding source.

We reinvest the money we make from sales and enterprises back into the organisation in order that we help the people who need it most.

This allows us to attract top-quality candidates from the public and private sector, as we can offer competitive salary packages and a great work-life balance, sector-leading learning and development.

Because we employ the best, we have a visionary and inspiring team at Autistic Wales which allows us to integrate the special skills and talents of autistic people into our workforce.

We understand and appreciate the unique talents of autistic people and endeavour to help them to find their place in society’s jigsaw.

Our organisation is structured with the goal of providing employment for both autistic and neuro-typical people alike.