All of our services are free and always will be.

All services provided by UK Autistic are FREE to the service user. We fund them ourselves through enterprise & with the support of the public in the form of donations and membership.

This of course means that the services are limited to the finances currently held, but ALL of the money that is donated is used to provide services directly to the beneficiaries. There are no administration charges or any percentages kept by fundraising companies. Donate directly to UK Autistic and your donation, in it’s entirety will go to helping those it’s intended for.

The profit from the Autism Lotto gives us a predictable and steady source of income and allows us to plan and budget ahead. The best way you can help us to maintain and grow our services is to join the Autism Lotto for just £4 per month.  There are some really great benefits to members such as the weekly and monthly draws, competitions and resources to download and print. But the main thing is that you are supporting some of society’s most vulnerable people.

We receive no funding from external sources such as the government or national lottery funds, so the support of the public is vital. We couldn’t do it without you….

Sensory Toys for autistic children in residential care facilities – In 2021 we will surpass our record year of 2019, when we supplied 8 facilities with £29,450 worth of sensory learning material and toys. In 2021, we will supply to EVERY region in the UK including Northern Ireland.

The Autism Card – we intend to roll out the Autism Card to charities, schools, groups and individuals on a large scale. We have printed 200,000 cards, we did this on the back of the positive reviews and feedback from our beneficiaries. We will overcome the problems with Autism Acceptance through initiatives like this oneso it has dual purpose. Read more about the Autim Card and apply for it free here.

Speech therapy devices (AAC) – Augmentative Alternative Communication devices proved successful for many, and this policy will be reviewed when the trustees examine the membership of Autism Lotto. We need 60,000 people to play the Autism Lotto each week in order to meet the demads of our requests and other commitments, we currently are not even into 5 figures, membership wise. So we have work to do on that. We have been advised to advertise heavily but we will stick to our principles of using all of the money we raise to provide services and rely on the autism community to share the news of Autism Lotto and allow it to grow organically. 

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