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Unpaid Director, UK Autistic Group

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Career Building & Why You Would Love Being On Our Team

If you want to work with autistic people, we would love to assist you! We can help you to get real qualifications, voluntary experience and an interview with somebody who may be able to help you achieve your goals more quickly than you may believe possible!

The best time to get in touch is of course right now! You know what to do..... click the button, fill the form and await the call. For this truly is a calling and the most satisfying job in the world simply because every day is different and the challenges never stop appearing in new forms.

We deal with each of these challenges head-on, embracing them for the lessons they are.

We are an open-minded, free thinking, inclusive organisation who welcome the engagement of anybody who feels they are affected by autism in any way. We will never ask you to show medical documents or discuss issues you're not comfortable sharing.

You know your own feelings and nobody else can tell you how to feel. Get in touch regardless of a diagnosis. Such is the inconsistency nationwide regarding assessments and diagnosis, waiting times, criteria even, that these things are secondary to us. Humans come first.

You think your child is showing autism traits?

But you are having trouble getting anybody to listen, let alone take the necessary steps to organise an autism assessment?

Or there's all of a sudden lots of telephone calls asking you to pay for an Assessment which they tell you will help to formalise a diagnosis ?

We have heard all these stories and more, scammers with questionable qualifications preying on the desperation of parents is reprehensible.

We arrange Autism Assessments totally FREE of charge.

All the services we offer are free and always will be.

We say this despite neither applying for or receiving funding of any kind.

We prefer to raise the money through enterprise and hard work.

This hard work also benefits autistic people directly. And neuro typical people!

Our organisation works with teams of 2 or 4 people (always a 50/50 balance of autistic and neuro-typical together).

Working together means we learn from one and other every day, we become more tolerant and understanding and we try to promote this, tell a stranger every day about how we have come to understand each other.

Little by little, our message will go further and further. We can't do everything, but we do everything we can.

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Advice & Guidance

Reading various conflicting information can be confusing. From toddlers to adults, see what other parents say

Health & Wellness

During times of change, life can be overwhelming. Check out our guides that help create harmony, both mentally & physically

Who Are We & What Do We Do?

If you want to qualify and work with autistic people, the best place to start is here. We cannot pay you, as we are all volunteers BUT we can help you get experience and qualifications.

What Is An AAC Device?

Augmentative Alternative Communication Device. That's because there is HUGE DEMAND for this. In 2019 we had great success with these devices, we know they are effective.

We provide AAC Devices FREE of charge to non-verbal autistic children & young adults

An AAC Device is a tool which supports a person who has difficulties communicating through speech

People of all ages can use an AAC Device if they have difficulties with speech

There are a board range of AAC Devices, from low tech to high tech. Each device is tailored to the specific need of the user

AAC Devices doesn't just benefit the individual. The whole family and wider community benefit too

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