We all need financial reward in order to live.

However, no matter how big your pay packet is, you’ll be risking the Monday morning blues if your job satisfaction levels are on the floor.

The thing is, you don’t need to sacrifice one over the other – you can have your cake and eat it.

Financial reward and meaningful employment go hand in hand at UK Autistic.

Based in London, UK Autistic is a national charity and social enterprise as well as a commercially minded organisation that values efficiency and effectiveness.

We know, that for most, the opportunity to play a part in changing somebody’s life for the better is key to their job satisfaction.

The organisation supports adults and young people on the autistic spectrum with a focus on social therapy, training and vocational placements.

We have a proven system and track record and this project is on an upwards trajectory with no limits. The great thing about UK Autistic is that we work commercially in order to achieve our social goals. This means we create our own funds through enterprise with therapy to include our beneficiaries and service users. We do this in order to re-invest this money back into the organisation to support those who need it most.

This allows us to attract top quality candidates to our roles, from the public and private sector, as we can offer competitive salary packages and a great work/life balance, sector leader learning and development as well as a focus on making sure all colleagues understand our strategy and the role they play on delivering it.

We have a strong, value based culture, camaraderie and closeness to the beneficiaries, service users and the public alike that many colleagues value most

Because UK Autistic works with some of societies most vulnerable people we truly understand the need to look after our colleagues, supporting a healthy and happy workplace and workforce that in turn delivers an exceptional service across the spectrum