Yes of course. We know the problems people have with diagnosis.
Yes you can. You don't necessarily have to take somebody with autism on the break.
Yes you can. We know you do an amazing job. We don't forget the people who take care of autistic people. You're welcome to apply for a break with your family or colleagues.
Yes, we welcome you to apply on behalf of somebody else. Enter your contact details and tell us about the person or people you want to benefit, in the 'more info' section of the contact form
Our team work through the applications and try to match applicants with the dates and locations that suit them best. We take into account all information provided
We currently have more than 880 full weeks of accommodation each year. This number is rising all the time as we raise more funds for the initiative.
No, the accommodation is FREE, we pay for that.
In some exceptional circumstances we can help with travel costs in the form of a grant. This always depends on the level of funds held by the organisation. We try to help wherever possible.
All the resorts are different. But they are all in beautiful locations. Most have club houses on site and some have activities available. Let us know your requirements in the 'more info' section of the contact form