Rescue dogs can be trained to help support adults and young people with conditions such as autism.

Breeds that you would not normally associate with being service dogs can be trained as companions and assistants. Suitable dogs spend a fortnight bonding followed by a month of training and a final 10-day assessment by Dogs Trust staff and if all goes well and good, a placement can be made.


How can you help?

By joining UK Autistic, you are automatically entered into our Members Draw with a chance to win one of our monthly cash prizes of up to £20,000.

The revenue from our membership is used to do amazing things in the community such as provide Disability Helper Dogs, which are rescued and trained before their placement.

If you think that you or somebody you know would benefit from the companionship and assistance of one of our rescued dogs, please complete the application form below with as much information as possible and somebody from our team will assess your application and contact you in due course.



Because the Helper Dogs are rescued animals, they are usually bred that you might not associate with being a working dog. We do not place restrictions on who can apply for a Helper Dog, you do not necessarily need to have a ‘life-limiting’ condition to apply.

Companionship and the opportunities for social interaction afforded by being a dog owner are just two of the benefits of our programme.

This is not a quick fix though, it takes around 3-6 months from joining the scheme and involves a big commitment of time and effort from everybody involved


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