UK Autistic is the future model of charitable organisations. We are a Social Enterprise.

We get no government grants or financial support from anybody. We generate our own funds through initiatives such as Autism Lotto and our magazines, wristbands and other promotional items amongst others.

We employ a mix of neuro-diverse and neuro-typical people, pay competitive salaries and renumeration packages, meaning we can attract the best from both the public and private sector. This means we offer the best to our service users. We’re really proud of our passionate team of colleagues who work incredibly hard to make a big difference to people’s lives.

We support some of society’s most vulnerable people and deliver exceptional service. All of our services are FREE to service users and always will be. That’s why we are so grateful to supporters of our initiatives who make it all possible.

Our Respite Breaks program is something we are immensley proud of. Its open to not just autistic people and their families but to healthcare professionals such as support workers and nurses too. They can take some much deserved time off with their loved ones as our thankyou to the people who devote their lives to caring for others.

We do not discriminate against those who are not formally diagnosed with ASD or a related condition; we know that there are huge inconsistencies across the health services and that some parents and carers seem to be fighting a losing battle to get the correct recognition of their loved ones’ conditions. Our services are open to anybody who feels they are affected.

We are currently going through a very exciting period of growth and change, with new opportunities and services becoming available all the time.

We need the support of the public to continue to thrive, so we urge you to get behind the Autism Lotto and our other initiatives.

We also want anyone who feels they can use any of our services, now or in the future, to register with us so we can keep you up to date with things as they come available.

We believe that social interaction, gainful employment and the resulting improvement of self-esteem & life skills are in themselves effective therapies. We employ both neuro typical & neuro diverse individuals to carry out our important work in the community and we make a concerted effort to ensure that funds are used in the manner detailed in each of our campaigns and initiatives.

All of our initiatives are designed to help our service users, members, their families and carers.