A slice of a parent’s happiness is knowing that their child’s needs have been met, with diligence and utmost care. This fundamental notion is universal in scope, which means that it’s not only applicable to parents of neurotypical children but to parents of children with disability or disorder as well. As a parent of an autistic child, it is not enough to just take notes on what the experts have to say about your child. Sometimes, you have to conduct your own research in order to explore more alternative solutions and to provide supplementary courses of action to improve your child’s early intervention treatment and prepare them for a brighter future. It is in this manner that such parents like yourself have to be thorough in choosing what alternatives and supplementary elements to provide for their child, especially when it comes to gadgets and other products that many people suggest as useful for children with autism.

In this day and age, being updated on many things is a must, not to satisfy personal fascinations, but more like a necessary means of survival. The discovery of a new cure, a revolutionized treatment, and other essentials for people with autism can be easily accessed through many media channels that a traditional-thinking parent may fail to know and try, which makes being adaptive to recent developments a good trait of parents with an autistic child. The following modern products below can help give you an idea as to what essentials should be provided to your autistic child.

Weighted Blankets

As the term suggests, weighted blankets are a modern take on the typical sleeping cover we use at home. For autistic kids, weighted blankets are a wonderful innovation that helps address their sensory cravings associated with pressure. This type of blanket can be used in many ways, according to the needs of the person. You can cover your whole body with it, or wrap specific areas like the shoulders, or fold it and lay it on your back or your thighs. Aside from sensory issues, weighted blankets are also beneficial for children who are sleep-deprived due to anxiety and stress which results in insomnia or sleeping disorders.

Sensory Pea Pods

Just like the weighted blankets, a sensory pea pod also applies pressure evenly to help autistic children with sensory cravings. When they are inside the pod, the child can do other things like eating, reading a book, playing with toys, or watching a TV show. The sensory pads are also inflatable which makes them a space saver if they are not needed because you can just deflate them and keep them somewhere else. The surface of a sensory pea pod is also made from comfortable materials which also helps calm your children. They are also washable which is a good thing when the surface gets dirtied and needs a thorough cleaning.

Vibrating Wristwatch

Products of this kind are designed to be discreet which makes it ideal for persons with ASD. The cue for the alarm is initiated through a vibrating effect, which helps most autistic people avoid sensory issues. Many brands are also programmable, where you can record your own voice and customize messages that will prompt when the timer activates. The vibrating wristwatch is an ideal tool to train autistic children with specific tasks that improve their executive functioning skills. Parents can help set up the schedules, from waking up and fixing the bed, to toilet training and bath time. The watch can also be used as a tool to help the child remember when to take medications, and set up reminders for behavioural training and simple exercises like taking deep breaths and stretching.

Buddy Tag

This special wristband is one of the best safety-designed devices in the market today that many parents want their children to have. There have been many documented cases of autistic children reported to be lost and cannot be found even with the help of local authorities and search and rescue teams, which convinced many parents to find ways to track their kids wherever they go to prevent the same scenario from happening. This product is the perfect response to the problem, which is integrated with a built-in Bluetooth tracking system connected to the parent’s mobile device. The material used is comfortable to the touch and are fashionably made so that your child will easily wear it without any complaints.


If you are financially able, this sleek and trendy portable device is a must-have for your autistic children. iPad is very customizable, which is ideal for autistic persons that have varying needs. There are thousands of apps available that you can install on the iPad according to your child’s needs and preferences, from simple yet interactive games to more complex puzzle apps, you can introduce them to your kids through the iPad. Similarly, there are also many educational materials such as videos and eBooks that you can download to the iPad.

Trendy Noise Cancelling Headphones

A pair of headphones is the product of choice for children with auditory sensory issues. Whenever they feel like the noise or sound input is too much for them to handle, these headphones work like magic in helping them respond positively to the situation. Unlike typical headphones, noise-cancelling ones are designed to absorb and block as much as 27 decibels of noise which is the typical sound produced by a vacuum cleaner, while still enabling the child to hear conversations and important auditory cues from their surroundings. There are many fashionable headphones available in the market today, with cute animal designs or cartoon character prints.

Every autistic child is different in a way when it comes to their needs and preferences, as much as they are unique in their personality. It is every parent’s duty to determine what those needs are and find ways on how they can effectively meet those needs. But it is also important to always factor in your financial capacity when providing for those needs to make sure it won’t hurt other aspects of the family’s essentials.