Brand New Autism Resources

The UK Autistic team have been busy researching and developing new advice and guidance sections which will be posted to this site in the coming days.

There will be information covering the following topics :

  • Education & Work Advice
  • Home & Social Situations
  • Parenting & Management Advice
  • Effective Therapies
  • Autism Facts & Information

Our team are constantly updating the information on this website to be sure that all content provided is up to date and relevant.

We hope that you find some useful tips, don’t forget that you can share any feed back or advice of your own in our Forum which is available to Supporters.

If you decide to continue as a Supporter you will automatically be entered into our Monthly Supporters Draw with the chance to win cash prizes up to £10,000. There are lots of other benefits to being a Supporter such as discounts, promotions and free offers from our Trusted Partners.

In the Supporters section we have lots of additional resources such as printable checklists, visual schedule boards, behaviour charts, games and other learning aids.

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