Until Everybody Understands


Therapists devote their time for free or greatly reduced prices.

Speech Therapy

Non verbal now does not mean non verbal always.

Social Interaction

Using different situations to improve engagement.


We have a huge range of free resources.

Until Everybody Understands

Autism is part of who we are,

accept, embrace, flourish

UK Autistic are mothers, farthers, brother, sisters of autistic people, we are autistic people. Everybody connected to our organisation is either on the autistic spectrum or the close family member of somebody who is.


With acceptance comes tolerance and understanding and then an autistic person does not need to fit in with what is considered the norm, they can be themselves. This casn only be good for society as a whole.

UK Autistic

AAC Devices - Augmentative Alternative Communication Devices to assist children and young adults with speech issues.
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Raising Awareness

To us, it is unbelievable that not everybody understands autism or is even aware what autism actually is. Things are better than they were of course but there is still so much to do. We will never stop.


It is not something that will be understood universally overnight although the younger generations have a clearer understanding of the way things need to go and the way things should be.
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We have the best team. They do it for the love of autistic people. All of the people involved with UK Autistic have a close personal connection with the condition.


Twelve eminently
considerable Issues

If you have concerns... that's normal. But we can do this. Together.

Are you worried about your child? Do you know the traits to look for and are worried for their future? We have all been there at some point and we promote the fact that autism is part of the personality of a child and if it is embraced and accepted that positive solutions and outcomes are not just possible but likely.

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